1. What should I bring?
    • It is suggested you bring chair(s), non-alcoholic beverages, bathing suit, sun block, towel(s) & change of clothes at a minimum. Pop-up canopies are welcome and additional donations are certainly appreciated.
  2. Is it kid friendly?
    • Yes! We try to keep it family oriented and have activities for both kids and adults (including young at heart adults). We have been adding more and more activities and games over the years. Please be responsible for your kids.
  3. How can I help?
    • Donations and advanced tickets are the number one way you can help. If that is not enough, we are always in need of volunteers to help prepare, setup and execute the event. We generally start getting the grounds ready the weekend before the event and start setting up the day before all the way until the event starts. At that point, we need help to facilitate and keep everything running as planned. And of course, Sunday cleanup is a *****. Contact Casey Otto to volunteer.
  4. What do the tickets/wristbands get me?
    • All-you-can-eat crawfish (until we run out). Everything else is free! Yes, the booze is free too (for legal reasons). That's a pretty sweet deal.
  5. Can I bring a friend?
    • Yes, just make sure they're not an asshole. Seems like we get at least one every year. We have a "security" team that will happily escort assholes off the property. Also keep in mind we pre-order crawfish and booze based on those who RSVP so don't bring all of his or her friends too.
  6. How do I participate in the tournaments or games?
    • Arrive and sign-up at the check-in table by 3:00 pm. Brackets will be generated at 3:00 pm and tournaments will immediately start thereafter. All other activities will be first come, first serve. Once the tournaments are complete, those activities will be a free for all as well. Please give everyone a chance to play and don't "hog" any of the activities.
  7. Will there be food served other than crawfish?
    • Yes, there will be jambalaya and hot dogs among other things. Typically there are a few individuals who bring other items to share as well.

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